About Finishes

Choosing the finishes of your wood flooring is extremely important. It makes a difference as huge as your floor looking and feeling natural, glossy or even distressed. The texture of the surface too can be slightly changed through the wood flooring chooses by you. There are several reasons why it’s significant to have a finishing added to the surface of all wooden floors. It is to protect the hardwood from any damaging and provide extra layers of strength. Most hardwood flooring is already pre-finished.

That means that the floor has already had the finishing added while it was being manufactured. Alternatively, you could choose an unfinished floor. You will be getting the raw wood and must apply a surface finish once it has been installed. Some of the most common types of wood flooring finishes are natural oiled, brushed and oiled, UV oiled, lacquered, hand scraped and distressed wood flooring.

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